Auditing is a meticulous work and can be varied depending on the type of company being audited. Management audit is a comprehensive and thorough examination of an organization or one of its components. The management audit is implemented to identify problems or significant weaknesses in the organization, thus providing management with a tool to address and repair the problem area.

Value growth Audit is a comprehensive Business Management consulting product based on Value growth Matrix comprises of more than 100 business and management models and matrices that covers all business aspects and management functions.

It is catalyst for improving on organization’s governance, risk management and management controls by providing insight and recommendations based on analyses and assessments of data, information and business processes.

Value growth Audit Comprises of key 5 Business and ManagementAreas Namely:
Organizational Diagnosis:

1) External Business Environment
Micro External Factors
Macro External Factors

Competency Mapping:
1) Performance of Competency
Top Level
Managerial Level
Executive Level
2) Importance of the Competency
Top Level
Managerial Level
Executive Level
Performance Evaluation:

1) Organizational

2) Individual
By Self
By Others

Value growth Matrix:
Style of Leadership/Management
Standard Operating Procedures
Shared Values
Plan of Action and Suggestions:

1) Consultation Recommendations

2) Growth frame

3) Consultation Recommendations

Thus, Value growth Audit provides coherent and quantifiable strategies that go beyond the usual consulting reports. Our Value growth Matrix is core to this audit system.

Value growth Audit Matrix

VGM Studies key areas of business and management through its core organizational functions as depicted in above matrix.The Value growth audit, then, is just an exploration of your current Business strategy: the tactics, the channels, the effectiveness, the weaknesses, and the opportunities.

It typically includes your Functional performance, your Team performance, overall organizational performance and much more.

Investigate your current results and channels driving growth, how you’re managing and achieving them, articulate your goals, and identify growth opportunities. In short, what are you doing, and how are you doing it? Everything must work together.

Following is Value growth Tree which illustrates our key parameters which included in VGA:

The move Before the Action:

So, before you head off on your Value growth Audit, you need to first determine whether your product or service is actually ready for growth in the first place. To answer that, you need to take a close look at your product-market fit. Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market. The Value growth Audit provides the answers of basic strategies with greater efficiency.

A Value growth Audit Equation:

our Value growth Audit formula can be summarized as follows:

Strategy + Sustainability + Solution = Value

System + Style + Skills = Growth

Structure + Shared Values + Standard Operating Procedures = Audit

The Value growth audit is not just one part of the equation. It’s a roadmap by itself. You use it to inform your strategy, which is optimized via testing, to give you growth which can create value in real business sense.

The Value growth Audit Framework:

Before we go any further, it’s important to remember that there is no one right way to do this. What we are going to share with you here is our approach. It really works for most of our clients.

Step 1: Organizational Diagnosis

Step 2: Understanding the Business / Client

Step 3: Finding Key Performance Matrices

Step 4: Analyze and Evaluate those Matrices

Step 5: Preparing, Presenting and Performing The Value growth Audit

The Roadmap After The Value growth Audit:

1. Establishing Business Operations Strategy

2. Monitoring Overall Business Performance

3. Measuring growth

Why & When The Value growth Audit is Necessary:

We do some reality checks and business analysis in traditional way routinely in business life cycle.Here are the questions we hear every day: “Where do we start?”, “we don’t even understand where the business is going”, “They have been doing plenty of stuff but data is scattered everywhere”.

These are all questions that should be answered by the Value growth audit. At the end of this audit, you should be able to understand:

Where the business is going

How the strategy was set up and the metrics you should follow

What are the different business methods you need to use

What are your Growth indicators & areas of Growth

Is Value growth Audit really helpful?

What most people's perception is that it’s a onetime piece of work. You work on them for a while and throw them away.Remember that the goal of the VGA is not about creating a document that will be useful every day, it’s about making sure you understand every aspect of the business.

Once you have that VGA at hand and all the knowledge that comes with it, you’ll be able to get started with your Strategy and Right Roadmap.In other words… Building The VGA will empower you to design a winning strategy which is the ong-lasting piece of work needed to effectively grow your business.

It’s not because it’s called The Value growth Audit that it has to look like just a 120-page document from Consulting Company. You’re the only user so keep it lean and use key points for long term sustainable growth.

Every Company Can Grow Faster – Get the Value growth Audit:

At times, virtually all companies face growth challenges. Whether it’s simply stalled growth or the bigger issue of declining revenue. Growing companies may believe even more growth is possible. Growth can be affected both by a company’s ability to generate new customers as well as a company’s ability to retain and grow existing customers. And, all parts of the organization can have a profound impact on growth.

A valuable first step companies can take is a quick Value growth audit of their ability to generate new business as well as retain and grow existing business. Via Four Feathers Group developed the Value growth Audit (VGA) in order to help companies quickly assess their current situation and develop a plan that can help them materially ramp up revenue.

It’s important to note that every company is different and the successful application of VGA needs to be adapted for each unique situation.

It involves a quick but thorough audit of over 100 factors within the organization that affect revenue. VGA can be completed in a few days. Based on the Value growth audit, recommendations are then developed along with a roadmap that will ensure successful execution and tracking the recommendations.

The outside view provided by VGA gives management a fresh perspective. Call or email to find out how VGA can help you meet your growth objectives.

The Value growth Audit & Business Strategy:

The VGA aims to Deliver Perspective that Helps You Grow - As consultant to, we, Four Feathers Group has seen what it takes to move organizations forward. Our Value growth audit takes an in-depth look at both what you are doing with your marketing and business development efforts and how you are doing it. They often include analysis of:

Marketing & business development strategy

Department structure and staffing

Processes, programs and activities

Our approach involves more than just reviewing your business activities. We get the full picture by taking the time to understand your firm, your expectations for growth, and your key stakeholders’ experience and capabilities.

Once we have a solid understanding of your environment and challenges, we conduct a thorough analysis of your strategy, processes, structure and activities. When your Value growth audit is complete, we deliver the following:

Key factors impacting your growth

Strategy analysis (including key niche/service line strategies)

Organizational and process analysis

Observations and trends