The Emergency Surveillance System is the software for complete Electronic Medical records to conquer the Emergency Trauma situations.


Emergency Surveillance System is an initiative by Four Feathers Management Solutions which can be tailored as per the requirement of the Hospitals. It offers Emergency & Trauma management analysis, performance analysis of the medical & paramedics to offer one of the best services to the patients. It is a web-based versatile software which helps in Patient designing & Database driven architecture. The unique feature of ESS is once the case is registered the auto-activation of the Surveillance software gets generated.


It helps in risk management and emergency planning strategies to improve communication, workflow, and service before, during and after an emergency. It also helps in the employment and deployment of the manpower for better HR performance.

Performance Analysis

As the emergency situations can be handled easily this would enhance the performance of the team, as well as the goodwill of the hospital, will boost up.

Emergency Service Improvisation

ESS would enhance the responsiveness and promptness of the medical and paramedical team which would help in building the hospital’s Brand Image.

Support Medico legal Issues

ESS would help in solving the legal issues by capturing and having the video documentation of the whole process which would support the administration department.


The Salient Features of Emergency surveillance System is as follows:

It identifies the immediate response for the required cases

It creates a case the moment a patient arrives and makes entry of that

Creation of cases depends on the classification of the level of seriousness

Tasks and teams are automatically assigned and can be customized based on the requirement

There are predefined criteria for team participation and success rate. Team participation timeline will be integrated with the attendance system i.e. fingerprint scanner or ID card scanner

It measures the time of team formation and response to patients

The high-quality cameras monitor all over activities of the team

The hospital team will be coordinated at that immediate moment via phone call or message alert as per their will