Today Entry of startups has exponentially increased in the market, yielding to the increase in the economy of the country. Startups are not only business to make the profit but it is associated with an Entrepreneurial Journey of the person.

For a layperson, the startup is a company initiated by individual founders or entrepreneurs to look for a repeatable and scalable business model. A startup is basically an emerged business venture which aims to develop a viable business model to satisfy a market place wants or problem.

A number of startups come into existence every day and almost 80% of them disappear into the darkness of disaster. Why? Just because most of the aspiring investors fail to understand the importance of calculating some of the unpredictable challenges mentioned below:

The Requirement of technically solid business startup solutions disrupting the industry

Lack of ample financial, technical resources

Inaccurate partnership and business decisions

Lack of considerable experience for hiring professionals to carry out the tasks.

Incapable cyber security

Fierce industrial competition

Time management and unrealistic expectations

Winning the trust of consumers

And many more…

As per the data available with Startup India, a total of 8,625 Start-ups have been recognized as on 30 March 2018. 2711 start-ups where incorporated in 2017-18. But most of them incepted their journey towards financial and corporate success. Almost 35,037 companies could not deal with any of the above-mentioned challenges and ended up facing financial disaster and the rate is increasing day by day.

Edventure is an initiative by Four Feathers Management Solutions limited to cater all the above problems by providing them the best solutions as a part of our services so that their business emerges out with flying colors.


1. Business Experts

Need strategies for your market footprint? Are your strategies not working the way that you aspired for?

You can formulate vision, strategy; identify areas of innovation, mergers and, acquisitions, corporate policies with our experience and expertise.

2. Sales Experts

Tired of a turnaround in your leadership team?

You can take our support in sales analysis, sales planning, global sales, setting up an effective sales team, implement sales process, enhance sales culture, monitor sales metrics and performance, developing an ‘impact’ sales team. We help in developing robust models and techniques for you to monitor the performance and progress of various processes and functions, constantly and consistently.

3. Digital Marketing Experts

Tired of a turnaround in your leadership team?

Can’t afford experienced resources in your management team?

Unable to decide on how to exploit ‘Digital Marketing’ to its best?

Use the best of brains to generate ideas and implement strategies for success.

You have access to the knowledgeable minds who partner with you in devising your marketing strategy, international marketing, branding, positioning, SEO, SEM, marketing campaigns, social media campaigns.

4. HR Experts

You can take our experience in assessing and devising your corporate culture, compensation structuring, lower, middle, senior management and smart recruitment support across various industries, positions, and locations.

Powered by passion, our approach is simple! Understand the requirements, expectations, of clients, and walk that extra distance to deliver the promise. With an extensive network of trusted contacts and consultants, we can take care of any or all of your operational aspects right from,

Incorporating your entity

Building your brand; web, mobile, and social presence

Help recruit the right talent

Infrastructure set up

Channel set up

Building your sales and marketing engine

Business feasibility analysis of specific cases

Project management


As EDVENTURE we have a deep understanding of multinational cultures, values, and expectations.

5. Training Experts

Is your sales team or management team running short of motivation? As the management guru Zig Zigler points out, motivation doesn’t last just like bathing. That’s why it is recommended every day.

Whenever you find the need for this, which will come up constantly through the year, we can provide you with leadership coaching, corporate training, sales training, motivational training, custom programs on sales, strategic negotiation skills, communication skills and organizational effectiveness. We are not just trainers but real life leaders who have passion to train your team. Our experts use unique techniques to deliver high impact programs, one that you always wanted to have but never experienced one.