CapiSure is a ground breaking initiative presented by Four Feathers to cater financial requirements of organization.

Our mission is to enhance the capacity and performance of our clients through provision of advisory services and the application of complementary diagnostic and analytical tools. We combine high-quality research, targeted consultations and the firm’s own expertise to deliver value to the client, with integrity and respectful candour, which are our core values.

Finance function benchmarking:

Have you benchmarked your finance processes vis-à-vis industry leaders?

Benchmarking can provide an assessment of the current status of a finance function vis-à-vis the industry. FF helps clients in benchmarking both quantitative and qualitative parameters. This helps to identify potential areas of improvement, evaluate process maturity and layout a road map to achieve the desired future state.

Process maturity evaluation using our assessment model

To measure effectiveness and identify improvement areas

To enhance existing capabilities and define a road map to achieve desired future state

Identify opportunities for cost optimisation and performance management

Business partnering and decision support:

Is finance viewed as a business partner by executive management and business leaders?

The changing business environment would require agile and commercially astute decision-making to make the business responsive to market challenges, in order to remain profitable. Scenario analysis, make vs buy, allocation of limited resources to diverse business needs and such other decisions can be key to success in today’s environment.

We help organizations form the necessary frameworks and structures by building granular data capture through design of the chart of accounts, cost centre hierarchies, cost collectors, etc. This can enable the finance function to lead initiatives around analytics and decision support for their business.

Enhanced roles and accountability for the finance function

Develop skills necessary for decision support activities

Finance becomes a force for organizational change and drives business effectiveness through value added relationship

Planning budgeting and forecasting:

Is your management information more ‘Informative’ or ‘Actionable’?

We at Four Feathers believe that the traditional bottom up approach to planning, where historical performance underpins the plan, may not remain relevant in today’s volatile environment. We help organizations to implement a driver-based planning and forecasting process.

We work with various information technology tools to make the process efficient and relevant. This also helps define accountability and measure performance at the appropriate levels in the organization. Further, this helps free up time of the senior management to analyze performance and drive action i.e.

Align budgeting and target setting with strategic plans

Drive financial planning via key business drivers

Focus on ‘what we need to do’ not ‘what happened’

Move to rolling forecast to reflect the ongoing nature of business

Provide tools to free time for analysis and insights

Working capital enhancement:

Do you want to release cash to fund business growth?

We help our clients to achieve an efficient working capital position and facilitate release of cash to fund additional growth initiatives.

An efficient working capital management programs includes; robust systems, streamlined processes and management rigor with respect to costs and controls resulting in release of cash.

We help clients in improving their cash operating cycles by reducing float in various finance processes and by building frameworks for effective cash forecasting. following are the areas we put our efforts:

Facilitate additional growth with existing working capital

Optimisation of the company’s cash

Procurement, accounts payable, inventory, and collection process improvement

Reduce debt exposure and manage cost of capital

Improved visibility and reliability of information and establishment of continuous control

Finance Strategy and Transformation:

Finance Strategy and Transformation helps a client to define the role of finance in driving the strategic business imperatives. It helps the CFO to clearly articulate its Finance vision and strategy, analyze the performance of the finance function, and develop a future state operating model that is fit for purpose.

This involves a wide ranging review of the finance function, matching performance to business requirements and diagnosing areas for improvement across the finance landscape. It includes the following offerings:

Finance transformation

Post merger finance integration

Finance strategy

Target operating model

Cost accounting and management:

Potential profit can be lost because companies do not know the correct cost of their product, clients, channels.

Often, potential profit can be lost because companies are not able to obtain relevant and accurate cost for their pack, brand, product, customer, channel or region in a regular and automated manner.

Four Feathers group helps its clients to design processes and effective cost center hierarchies to gain insights into cost drivers to identify inefficiencies, especially product costs to enable adequate analysis.

This helps clients obtain timely insightful information, focus on business drivers and helps enhance the available capacity (people, infrastructure, resources, etc.).