Four Feathers Management Solutions Limited is one of the leading marketing consulting firms in India helps clients solve their marketing issues and achieve growth objectives by providing various strategic marketing solutions. Since 2012, we have been building powerful brands and driving business growth for our clients. We serve corporate, SMEs and start-ups with actionable insights, innovative marketing strategies, and hands-on implementation support.

Marketing consultants at Four Feathers are experts in all things digital, both on and off the page. With backgrounds in strategy, project management, personal development, email marketing, web development, content creation and operations, our consultants are frontline resources that help inform your strategy and web presence.

Our Marketing Management Consulting Service Portfolio

We would identify the market opportunities; develop marketing strategies to seize it and then support them in implementation.

1. Market Assessment

Identify new market opportunities and make higher business decisions. Before plunging into a brand new market or launching a new product, conducting a market assessment is essential to determine if the opportunities available in the new or existing market. A well-executed assessment of the market - customers, competitors, industry- empowers companies to decide where to allocate the available resources and how to seize the identified market opportunities.

How we help clients

Combining our marketing research and analytics experience, we conduct a comprehensive market assessment of client’s products or services in targeted geographies.

As a part of this service, we:

Estimate the market size and its growth

Identify the factors driving the growth of the market and challenges to be faced

Scan the current and emerging market trends

Analyze consumer behavior, their needs, wants and preferences

Determine the market competitiveness

Scan regulatory environment

Forecast the future market

Key benefits you can expect

Clear understanding of industry, customers and competitors

Identified market opportunities to drive revenue growth

Make better decisions to market expansion or product development

Deep insights and reliable data to develop marketing strategies

Minimize risks of investment in new or existing business

2. Marketing Strategy

Ensure business growth through information driven promoting ways and effective implementation. The success of any product depends on how innovative is its marketing strategy and effective implementation of it. However, in today’s competitive environment, marketers need to adopt a data driven approach for developing and implementing such innovative marketing strategies.

Determining the proper customers to focus on, positioning and marketing mix - product, price, distribution, promotion - based on meaningful data and customer insights not only meets the customer needs But also ensure the business growth.

How we help clients

Our promoting strategy consultants optimize client’s existing or develop new promoting methods that meet client desires higher than competitors and develop long-run profitable relationships with those customers.

We work closely with clients to determine:

Customer Segmentation & Targeting : Understand customers better and identify the most profitable customers to target.

Value Proposition : Give customers a compelling reason to buy your products.

Strategic Positioning : Create differentiation and get recognized in the market.

Product Management: Design innovative offerings that customers can adopt more quickly.

Pricing Strategy : Set a price that is affordable to customers and profitable to you and channels.

Marketing Communication & Promotion : Create awareness and persuade customers to buy your products.

Distribution Channels : Reach to target customers more effectively and efficiently.

Sales Excellence : Improve the performance of the sales team to increase the conversion.

Marketing & Sales Organization : Build and deploy the efficient team for the effective implementation of strategy.

Implementation Support : Get better results of recommended strategies through effective implementation.

While developing marketing strategies we tend to primarily target the customer’s current and rising desires, and client’s capabilities to satisfy those needs. Adopting a knowledge-driven approach, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of the client’s capabilities and market -customers, competitors, industry- to identify the market opportunities.

Further, applying our years of experience and customer insights, our marketing strategy consultants build innovative go-to-market strategies that ensure business growth. We have helped various fortune five hundred firms and start-ups across a large variety of industries and geographies drive their business growth through innovative marketing ways. This involvement has provided us with distinctive insights into the market’s current and rising needs and the wait will be happy higher than competitors.

3. Digital Marketing

Drive business growth by deploying the best practices for digital marketing.

Digital marketing has become an Integral part of an overall marketing strategy in today’s digital world. However, with the rapid change of digital technology and the rise of digital channels, marketers are facing challenges to choose and optimize a right mix of digital marketing channels that can not only drive the quality traffic and leads but proving the digital marketing ROI.

How we help clients

Our digital marketing consultants help clients overcome those challenges by developing a digital marketing strategy, implementing it and tracking the performance to maximize digital marketing ROI.

Search Engine Optimization: Rank your website to the top of the search results with white hat SEO practice

App Store Optimization: Improve App ranking in Application store to drive more downloads with proven ASO techniques

Pay Per Click Advertising: Get instant visibility and traffic through the paid campaign over search engines, social media and more

Content Marketing: Attract and influence the target audience by creating and delivering storytelling content

Social Media Marketing: Generate more customers and brand advocates by building and engaging a community over Social media

Conversion Rate Optimization: Convert more visitors into customers by optimizing the website & app’s performance

Not sure which digital marketing channel(s) should you use?

If you are not sure which or a mix of digital marketing channels you should use to achieve the business goal(s), we can help you with by giving digital marketing consultation. After understanding your business, setting business goals and objectives and creating actionable insights, we will advise you a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that will include a recommendation for the target audience, digital assets and right mix of digital channels tailored to your business goals.

Key benefits you can expect

Higher website rank in the search results

Improved App ranking in the App store

Instant visibility and traffic to website and app

Positively influenced target audience

More customers and brand advocates

Optimized performance of website

Higher conversion rate on website and app

We adopt a strategic approach to developing and implementing digital marketing strategies. After understanding the client’s overall marketing strategy and business goals, our digital marketing consultants conduct a systematic audit to understand the effectiveness of their existing digital initiatives. Further, we prepare a deep customer insight, including customer personas to know what matters to them. Apart from it, benchmarking with competitors being done to identify the areas need to be work upon which could be beneficial in the long term. Based on the outcome of the audit and insights, our digital marketing experts form a solid and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focuses on increasing traffic, conversions and ROI.

We have helped numerous companies and flourish start-ups across the globe drive their business growth through digital marketing. This involvement has given us unique insights into a customer journey and how they search, evaluate and make purchase decisions over websites and mobile apps.

4. Brand Strategy

Build a powerful brand that the world talks about and refer to others.

‘Brand’ is way beyond name and logo; rather it is the wholesome experience customers have with the product, service or company. In today’s crowded market, customers have many options of brands, but they choose and refer the brand that gives them a particular feeling and positive experience across all the touch points consistently. A well-defined and executed brand strategy leads to a stronger emotional connection with customers, higher brand equity and competitive advantage.

How we help clients

Having deep expertise across all the branding process, our brand strategy consultants help clients develop brand strategies and support implementation to build a powerful and enduring brand. Under that we:

Recommend a unique brand name

Develop a brand positioning statement

Create the visual brand Identity

Determine the appropriate brand Architecture

Optimize the brand portfolio and decide roles

Formulate the brand extension strategy

Develop a brand repositioning and transition strategy

Guide the delivery of the brand promise across all the touch points

Key benefits you can expect

A clear understanding of the brand’s point of difference

Improved brand recognition and top of the mind awareness

Easy introduction of new products under the umbrella branding

Enhanced brand equity and market share

Higher revenues and profitability from increased customer loyalty

Powerful brand portfolio and architecture

We use proven research techniques (qualitative and quantitative brand research) combining with case studies, and proprietary tools & frameworks to develop brand strategies. Apart from it, our brand strategy consultants support clients for effective implementation of recommended brand strategies.

5. International Marketing

Recognized as a global brand and increase the revenue potential.

The global market possesses lucrative opportunities for new and established brands. However, taking international marketing decisions whether to go Global, which market to enter and how to- demands a thoughtful strategic approach because if something goes wrong with a brand in one region, it can have its ripple effect in other regions.

How we help clients

Our international marketing consultants work closely with the client to develop an international marketing strategy and help to implement it. As a part of service, we:

Identify & select the potential geographic markets to target

Create market insights of the selected target markets

Evaluate & select the most feasible entry option

Determine the brand & product portfolio

Recommend pricing strategies

Develop promotion & Sales strategies to generate B2B leads

Design an international marketing organization structure

Identify distribution partners in target markets

Execute digital promotional strategies

Key benefits you can expect

Successful entry into the most profitable markets

Increased economies of scale and revenue potential

Recognized as a global brand

Discovered new opportunities for growth

6. Marketing Analytics & Insight

Discover actionable insights to optimize the marketing performance.

Due to technology eruption, today’s companies have more data than ever at their disposal. But deriving actionable insights from it to measure and optimize the marketing performance remains a potent challenge for marketers. We believe that taking an integrated analytics approach is the key to uncover actionable insights for any good purpose.

How we help clients

Combining our expertise in data analytics and marketing strategy, we create actionable marketing insights for clients that help them optimize their marketing performance. As a part of this service, we:

Identify business issues or opportunities

Establish clear goals and objectives

Determine types of data to be collected & its sources

Advise on data collection & management

Check the systems to ensure it is collecting data accurately

Analyze and interpret the data

Discover actionable customer insights

Key benefits you can expect

Understand customer’s motivations

Greater confidence in seizing the opportunities

Identify root cause of the problem and areas to be improved upon

Prediction of future action and behaviour of target audience

Make better decisions to develop or optimize marketing strategies

Accurate measurement of marketing performance across offline and digital channels

Our Working Way

Believe + Perform + Progress = The Four Feathers Way

We exist to convert possibility into awareness and understanding into results. Our consulting process brings a unique approach to addressing our clients’ goals, a combination of thinking, implementation, and agility that yields one powerful, consistent outcome: Potential accomplished.