A clearly outlined strategy, an aggressive approach to structural and systems challenges, and an "outside-in" vision for radical improvement: These are the qualities that provide manufacturing leaders a competitive edge. We can help with all three, ensuring that you conquer complexity, make faster, smarter decisions, and focus on the areas with the most profit potential.

Four Feathers has developed methods that generate long-term competitive advantage. Our strategies have proven themselves for our clients for many years now.

The successful manufacturing enterprise of tomorrow likely can have a transparent strategic setup, differentiated client expertise, an innovative set of offerings, an efficient supply chain, streamlined operations, world-class talent, and a robust technology foundation. With experience in all of these areas, Four Feathers' Manufacturing professionals can help your organization to achieve its potential.

Key Challenges in Operations & Production Management

What is the product strategy that will best support our company’s aim with respect to customers, finances, employees, and markets?
How can we become even more efficient and further reduce costs?
How can we speed up our response times?
How can we manufacture our products to precisely fulfill our customers’ expectations?
How can we reduce high inventory levels and eliminate inflexible logistics structures?

Four Feathers' Strategies and solutions

Production specialists and trade consultants work along with our professional team. They develop innovative methods and solutions and accompany their clients through to successful implementation – or in short, through to their real satisfaction.

1. Production division strategy

A successful production strategy benefits the overarching company strategy. Keeping an eye fixed on the aims for purchasers, finances, employees, and markets, it defines appropriate initiatives for production. Typical queries include:

How is the production processes structured?

How is the production network designed?

Which elements are made where, and what are the specializations of the individual sites?

How are production operations set up in organizational terms?

The product concept and the development interfaces are examined in precise detail. Implementation of the production strategy is continuously monitored with the help of key performance indicators and adapted to changes in framework conditions.

2. Setting up the production system

The only way to ensure long-term success is to regularly examine one’s own processes and to systematically strive for improvement and synergies. Ad hoc solutions are not a viable alternative. We support companies in defining and structuring their ideal production system.

The consultants believe interlinked strategies, instruments, standards, and key performance indicators so as to further optimize the production system for continuous improvement, further qualification programs for employees, and optimization of the production layout.

3. Reducing factory costs

The FF consultants develop individual project plans for their clients in order to continuously reduce the costs in direct and indirect production processes. They start with a comprehensive analysis in which they determine the relevant cost drivers and how they are interconnected with waste in the processes. They then verify that price reduction targets should be reached for which departments and processes. And finally, they define the right measures and set up a control system to monitor them. With the help of a project management team, they continuously check and control all the activities. This is what ultimately results in a measurable increase in efficiency.

4.Increasing delivery performance

Reliable delivery dates play a major role in the purchasing decisions of many customers. Manufacturers usually pay a high worth in order to provide this service – for instance in terms of high inventory levels, special transport measures, and hectic last-minute rescue operations. We work with clients to establish processes, in order for clients to increase their flexibility and planning stability and to achieve a high level of delivery performance. Together with the businesses, it interlinks the control processes for sales, production, and procurement on a trans-divisional basis. This prevents supply bottlenecks and delays.

5. Ramp-up management

Time is money. The Four Feathers consultants have identified different factors for success in order to start up production within the shortest period of time. This also includes viable organizational structures with clear priorities for coordinating production, quality, planning, and maintenance. In addition, it is important to plan the requirements for personnel at an early point in time and to ensure a consistent level of qualification.

The availability of reliable technical systems throughout the planning and set-up stages additionally provides stability. Moreover, ramp-up management ought to be interlinked in optimum ways with the development department and supplier management. It is necessary that these new processes be firmly anchored within the organization over the long run. The consultants guide the implementation of those and extra measures for successful start-up management.

6. Supply Chain Management

Excessive inventory levels become a burden, and structures that have evolved over time can act as a brake on flexibility. To avoid this, our Consulting supports companies in designing and implementing comprehensive supply chain management strategies.

The consultants’ experience is predicated on long years of project expertise within the automobile and automotive provider, aviation, and consumer goods industries, as well as in working together with logistics service providers. Instruments that have verified their value in practice make the supply chain more economical, lower costs, improve delivery service, and reduce inventory levels. These strategies reveal their effects not solely in current series production however also back in preparing for and starting up production.

Why should you consider us?

1. Experience with the Products and Services We Sell

Our nationally recognized teams of professionals all have extensive experience in their respective fields and they work or have worked with the products and services we recommend we do not sell out of a catalog- we recommend in install products that are as per the industry benchmarks.

2. Project Management

We can maintain a cohesive process for your projects. We have extensive experience in managing teams of industry professionals with expertise in many fields. Based on our years of experience, you can be assured that we will assign and manage a team with the experience, collaborative skills, and professionalism all customized to your project and your needs.

3. Integration, Marketing, and Revenue Streams

We have the experience to help you with new innovative ideas on how to more effectively integrate your new or existing television and video technologies into the marketing and revenue strategies of your company.

4. Commitment to Our Clients

We offer our clients services to help them maximize the potential of their production teams, technology products, and systems by providing educational workshops, product demonstrations, and user group seminars.

Followings are few key manufacturing segments we can help our clients:-

1. Industrial Machinery

2. Plastics

3. Automobiles

4. Textile

5. Ceramics

7. Pharmaceutical / Healthcare Products

8. Papers and Wooden and Many more…

Why work with our expert consultants to improve your Operations & Production Management?

1. Quality Improvement

We improve processes so that the most common problems don’t take place again. In addition, we put in place a solid quality system.

2. Practical Experience

Our consultants have operational experience. We are light on theories, heavy on practice, and focused on tangible results!.

3. Cost Control

We work on productivity improvement, material consumption reduction, and related KPIs that directly impact the manufacturer’s cost structure.

4. Reasonable Pricing

Our services are not for large companies only. We target SMEs as well.

5. Fewer Delays

We increase speed and flexibility by reducing setup times and batch sizes. We combine several operations in a flowing cell to compress lead times.